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My Story

Hi, I am Jess Robinson also knows as, JESSBEERME in the craft beer world. I am the Digital Marketing Coordinator for New England Brewing Company in Woodbridge, CT. I love connecting with others, discovering new places, and creating!


Born in Ecuador, beer was always a part of the culture. It was those $1.50 Pilsner bombers available at local markets that first captured my interest. Little did I know, that’d be the seed planted to later blossom into a career in the creative side of the beer industry.


Fast forward a few years and here I am working in the beer industry doing what I did for myself when it came to beer…telling people on social media about it! I enjoy engaging with others and sharing my experiences on my Instagram account. 


This path has opened up great opportunities for me including a passion of mine, act of service. On October 16th, 2022 I organized and hosted my first event ever - SHE’S INTO BEER, a woman focused summit. This was a day for advocacy, empowerment, education, and most of all, to create a safe space for women in and out of the beer industry to come together. It was a beautiful day and a successful event. 100% of the proceeds were donated to two nonprofit organizations helping women in our state! Women advocacy, equality, and diversity are top priorities! 

Another big passion of mine is photography. Having the creative freedom to do what I love fuels my soul. Whether that is product photography, a maternity shoot, or just a beautiful sunset - it all excites me! Combining this, my Social Media experience, certifications and research I've completed, I am able to help others in their journey when it comes to Digital Marketing. How cool is that! 


So welcome! The journey continues. One beer, one photo, one memory at a time. Maybe we’ll even get to work together in the future.


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